Alliance contracts have made energy our business since 1998. We have a proven pedigree for developing long term relationships by delivering first class service, offering sound advice and always having the best interest of our customers in mind.

We cater for all types and size of business across a wide variety of market sectors and offer a broad range of services encompassing…

  • Energy procurement
  • Metering solutions and energy management
  • Removal of reactive power charges
  • Advice on energy efficiency

We appreciate that no two businesses are the same and if you would like to discuss your specific requirements in more detail we would be happy to help.

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Electricity & Gas Procurement

Quarterly and Monthly Invoiced Electricity Clients (Small Medium Enterprises)

Energy procurement over the past few years has become increasingly confusing with energy suppliers offering what appear to be huge savings. Unfortunately hidden charges in the small print and unscrupulous renewal procedures have also become common place and many businesses still end up paying more than they necessarily have to. Our extensive industry knowledge and expertise enables us to deliver significant savings to our customers by knowing exactly how and when to go to market to secure the best rates available.

Alliance Contracts ltd may receive a commission from the supplier for our services.

We have an excellent track record for retaining customers and a high proportion of new business opportunities are earned as a result of positive recommendations. This is something that we are incredibly proud of as we believe it is the ultimate measure of whether or not we are adding value to our customers. Our aspiration is to be doing business with you not only now, but for many years to come. The only way to achieve this is to do our utmost to ensure that you are on the most appropriate tariff with the most competitive rates available and by being a member of the Utilities Intermediaries Association. Giving you the peace of mind to focus on running and building your business for the future.

Our Services

  • Market Tender & Budgeting
    In order to ensure that we are delivering best possible value we run in depth analysis on your usage and business profile. Having established the most appropriate tariff we tender to all major energy providers. We then present the results back to you in a single concise document, enabling you to make an informed decision on the basis of the resulting budget forecast. A key point to note is that our total annual billing is in excess of £4m so you will benefit from the economies of scale of Alliance Contracts negotiating on your behalf. Or to put it simply, our quotation is likely to be cheaper than if you approached the energy suppliers yourself.
  • Ensure A Punctual & Smooth Transfer
    We ensure termination has been logged with the incumbent supplier. This means that when the contract goes live on the date agreed you will not find yourself lumbered with astronomical out of contract charges. We endeavour wherever possible to contact you on the day that switch over takes place to obtain the meter reading required to ensure a smooth transfer.
  • Optimum Duration
    Never has it been more obvious than in recent times just how volatile energy prices can be. Understandably many business’s are unsure on which contract duration to select. Our ongoing research and trend analysis puts us in an excellent position to predict short, medium and long market fluctuations. And whilst there are no cast iron guarantees, wouldn’t it be nice to think that you are making your decision on the very best market intelligence available.
  • Our Commitment To You
    Alliance Contracts recognises that an energy supplier with bad service is a bad energy supplier. In todays market you could well find yourself in a position where you are paying less for your energy, but billing is inaccurate, you can’t get through to a call centre after listening to “Greensleeves” for half an hour…and when you finally do get through you get an unhelpful customer service advisor that can offer no solution to the problem. Our pledge to you is better value and excellent customer service. Not better value at the expense of customer service. All of our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that we will deal with on your behalf any problems or queries that arise within your contract period. Saving you time and avoiding unnecessary stress.
  • No Expensive Roll Over Charges.
    We will contact you prior to your contract expiry date preventing the incumbent supplier from rolling over the contract at what are often highly inflated rates. This sounds simple but it is extremely common for small and medium enterprises to find themselves locked in for an extended period at a much higher rate than the initial contract period. Do you know when your current energy contracts expire? Give Alliance Contracts the authority to act on your behalf and you’ll never have to!
  • Tariff Analysis
    An office which operates from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday would not benefit from low cost energy at weekends at the expense of higher weekday charges. A restaurant however could save in excess of 30% off of it’s annual electricity costs from the very same tariff. Unit cost is important but the very many other variables cannot be ignored. Our team will analyse in full your business consumption patterns to optimise tariff and maximise savings (Electricity only).

Electricity & Gas Procurement Monthly

Energy is a “Simple” yet essential commodity, but predicting how the market will behave over a given period and what the impact will be on price is anything but “Simple”. Like the majority of goods or services that companies procure, price is determined by supply and demand. Energy prices however can be affected hugely by many different global issues (International Trading Relationships, Wars, Government Policies and Exchange Rates to name but a few) and is notorious for having a high propensity for fluctuations in price.

Many companies place far too much emphasis on achieving the lowest possible unit price available at the particular time that they go to market. All too often this when their current energy contracts happens to expire as oppose to being part of a carefully planned strategy. Unless full consideration is given to the many factors that can influence future market prices then the decision process is potentially flawed. The result is often that companies find themselves locked in to long term contracts in a falling market and end up paying over the odds.

Of course the exact opposite applies in that if you can predict when the market is likely to rise there are opportunities to lock in for a longer period at a lower rate and avoid price increases.

At Alliance Contracts our goal is to establish the optimum contract period in order to minimise energy costs over given period of time. Our forecasts are produced by applying in depth market intelligence and extensive industry knowledge. We then factor in the specific requirements and dynamics of your business.

We have the necessary skill set to decipher what are often complex customer profiles and the ability to present our interpretations back in a simple and concise format. This enables our clients to set considered strategies and to make informed buying decisions.

It is important to say that there are no cast iron guarantees. It is not always possible to predict every factor that can potentially affect the cost of energy. Most businesses do however find it reassuring to know that procurement decisions our well founded and based on sound advice. Alliance Contracts have a good track record and an excellent reputation for getting this right!

Our Services

Timing and duration

  • Identify when the market is flat/strong to advise on optimum renewal period.

    Renewing for 3 years in February 2007 protected our clients from huge increases the market experienced throughout that year and much of 2008. Our proactive approach to utility procurement provides even the most experienced purchasers secure long term low energy costs.

Energy procurement process

  • Identify the most appropriate suppliers and tariffs. Once a contract is ready to be negotiated it is essential that the suppliers can be sourced that meet all of the clients requirements. In our experience no two energy users are the same and the same can be said for energy suppliers. There are significant differences in the terms of business and payment options across the numerous suppliers. It is important to select suppliers for the tender process that can fulfil the prerequisites.
  • Put out tender to all suited suppliers ensuring that the client receives the most competitive rate we can obtain.
  • Input each proposal into a single spreadsheet giving client simple decision and a budget forecast for that period.

Removal of Reactive Power Charges

What are Reactive Power Charges?

  • Reactive power charges are for wasted energy that is consumed by an electrical appliance but serves no useful purpose. To explain what these are the analogy of a horse pulling a barge along a canal tow path is often used in the energy industry. The horse cannot pull the barge from directly in front of the barge and has to pull from one side to move the barge forward. This means energy is wasted by pulling the barge to the side when, the main focus is to pull forward. Most of the energy to pull the barge is useful although the energy used when pulling sideways could be described as unproductive wasted energy. Reactive power is a measure of the unproductive wasted energy.

How to remove Reactive Power/Power Factor Corrector Charges from your invoice

  • We can arrange for an engineer to visit your site and install power factor correction capacitors. These improve the electrical efficiency of inductive loads (motors etc) and counteract the unproductive wasted energy called reactive units which in turn removes the penalty charge from the electricity bill.
  • Send us your last 3 electricity invoices and we will get back to you with a proposal of the appropriate solution, our analysis and plan of action are free of charge.

Metering Solutions & Energy Management

As your business evolves your energy consumption pattern may change. You may install new machinery due to growth or you may require less power as production may have been outsourced to another plant. In either case we can advise you of the best course of action and give you a step by step plan ensuring that you have the optimum meter and voltage (KVA).

How do I increase my KVA and meter upgrades?

  • We offer our clients a bespoke package and we manage the project from start to finish. The job will be completed promptly and competitively. Alliance and it’s partners will help complete the forms, liaise with the respective network and if required we can organise the installation of any additional hardware..
  • Advise and negotiate supply contracts with suppliers as some suppliers will be reluctant to offer competitive prices due to uncertainty with the consumption.

How do I reduce my KVA and meter downgrades?

  • Reducing KVA is a service we offer free of charge to our existing clients. We can monitor and predict future energy patterns in order to agree on a more reasonable KVA saving both on demand charges and potential reactive power charges.
  • We can arrange meter downgrades from Half Hourly to None Half Hourly. Which will reduce the standing charge and remove the KVA monthly charge. Simply send us a copy of a recent invoice with your contact details and we will be in contact with a proposal.

Energy Audits & Efficiency

We can arrange energy audits in order to ascertain if there are potential savings to be made, theses include the following.

Voltage Optimisation

  • Energy saving by voltage optimisation is a simple matter of reducing your incoming supply voltage from an unnecessarily high level to a new optimised level. This simple act can save up to 20% of consumption on your electricity bills and can be achieved simply by reducing your incoming supply voltages from the UK average level of 242V to a more modest 220V or lower dependent on loads.

Soft Starters

  • When starting electric motors the huge inrush current can be eliminated. This can reduce your demand resulting in lower consumption and demand charges creating further savings.

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